Neighbourhoods on the Hamilton Central Mountain

IMG 4434 2 - Neighbourhoods on the Hamilton Central Mountain

The Hamilton “Mountain” is not really a mountain at all but rather part of the Niagara Escarpment. The Escarpment runs across the City of Hamilton from east to west separating the upper southern and lower northern parts of the city, hence creating an uptown and a downtown area. The Hamilton Mountain, or the uptown, is further divided into different areas referred to as the West Mountain, Central Mountain and East Mountain.

The Central Mountain includes the areas east of Upper James Street to Upper Gage Street with the northern border at the Mountain Brow and the southern border just past Rymal Road. Surrounded by major thoroughfares such as the Sherman Access to the north, and the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway to the south, residents of Hamilton’s Central Mountain have quick and convenient access to the rest of Hamilton.

The Central Mountain is also home to Lime Ridge Mall and Juravinski Hospital.

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There are many different neighbourhoods on the Hamilton Mountain. If you are interested in calling the Central Hamilton Mountain home, check out these neighbourhoods:

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