West Mountain Area

West Mountain Area

Geographical location:

  • North of the Escarpment
  • West of Upper James St.
  • East of the Ancaster Meadowlands

Transportation and Commuting:

Access to the Highway 403 from Mohawk Rd. or via the Queen Street Hill.

The West Mountain is very convenient to Lincoln Alexander Parkway and easily accessible via the following exits:

  • Mohawk Rd.
  • Garth St.
  • Upper James St.

The homes in this area are mixed in ages and styles. As you drive South on Upper Paradise Rd. you will see the natural progression of construction.

My Grandmother and Grandfather’s home, 224 Upper Paradise Rd. built in the 1950’s. This home is located North of Mohawk Rd.

grandpa and grandmas house 224 upper paradise rd aka west 30th - West Mountain Area

Typical construction: the neighbourhood predominantly consists of 3 bedroom bungalows. Although they may seem small by todays standards, this home accommodated a family of 6 for many years. The area now draws empty nesters, couples and young families to the area.


This home at 535 Upper Paradise Rd. was built in the 1960’s

nics9230 - West Mountain Area

Located between Mohawk Rd and Stone Church Rd. The area consists of slightly larger homes drawing families to these neighbourhoods. The current owners of this home have lived here since 1971 and planning to move.

Between Stone Church Rd and Rymal Rd, this townhome located at 100o Upper Paradise Rd was built in the 1990’s

1000 upper paradise rd andrea harley maddox - West Mountain Area

These are only a few of the examples of homes located along Upper Paradise Road.

The diversity of sizes and prices of the homes on the West Mountain will accommodate many different sizes of households and styles of living.

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