The Sea Serpent of Gage Park

The first blog game of Search and Find in Hamilton was a success! Congratulations to Audrey for winning a $5 coffee card. Well done!

For everyone else, don’t be disappointed, there will be more games in the future and lots of chances for you too.

splashpad at gage park - The Sea Serpent of Gage ParkThe answer to the contest is: This Sea Serpent can be found at the splash pad in Gage Park. It’s not quite warm enough yet, but this is a great place to take the kids to cool off after working up a sweat at the playground in the park.

gage park playground - The Sea Serpent of Gage Park

Gage Park is approximately 70 acres of green space located at the base of the escarpment, between Lawrence Road and Main Street East at Gage Avenue. Free parking is available in the parking lot off of Lawrence Road or on one of the side streets near the park.

There are two playgrounds at the park. The one pictured above can be found close to Gage Avenue and conveniently next to the washroom and splash pad. The other playground is next to the Children’s Museum. For current hours and admission fees, click here: Children’s Museum

img 0774 - The Sea Serpent of Gage Park

But alas, this isn’t “just a building”…. Eugenia Gage was the last person to live in this home. (For more info to come about Eugenia Gage – keep following or subscribe to my blog)

If your taking the children to the Hamilton Children’s Museum, take a minute to appreciate the historical features of the building and visit the playground too.img 07761 - The Sea Serpent of Gage Parkimg 0777 - The Sea Serpent of Gage Park

img 0786 - The Sea Serpent of Gage Parkimg 0782 - The Sea Serpent of Gage Park



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