Have you ever tried lawn bowling?

My husband and I were driving along Lawrence Road a couple of weeks ago. One of our sons asked, “What’s that?” referring to the nicely manicured lawns surrounded by iron fences.

Although, I believe that it was the colourful benches that caught his eye.

It’s lawn bowling….. We’ve never tried it…. Maybe it’s similar to Bocce ?

There’s a sign at Gage Park that the Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club has an open house there this week. May 17th-20th 7-9pm and on May 21st from 1-3pm.

There was more info on-line: Come for friendly free instruction, use of club equipment and introduction to a fun sport enjoyed by all ages. Call 905-549-5514 or 905-318-9535 for more information.

If the rain let’s up this week, let’s go check it out.


4 thoughts on “Have you ever tried lawn bowling?

    1. If I’m not working and if the weather is decent, I will probably go tomorrow. Always been curious about it. Didn’t know that all ages were welcome – although one of the websites said over age 5.

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