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me looking over the brow - Hamilton Ambassador

A few months ago, I noticed a posting for a position in the Hamilton Business Ambassador Program …. not that I was looking for a job, I already have one. I loved the idea of explaining to others how great Hamilton is. So I’ve set out on an extension of my current career as a real estate agent to become Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Ambassador via the internet.

I’ve grown up in Hamilton, attended school in Hamilton, worked in Hamilton, raised my children and enjoying this city as my home. I won’t claim to “know it all” about Hamilton. But I do know a lot and interested to learn more about the city.

Let’s explore the neighbourhoods of this diverse city together.

Come and find your new home by contacting Andrea Harley-Maddox at 1-888-858-0623 or visit www.ReadytoMove.info

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4 thoughts on “Hamilton Ambassador

  1. I am loving this Andrea!! Thank you for sharing some pics along with all the great information about our beloved Hamilton….aka “The Steel City” I would love to send this off to some of the many friends and family I have around the country, so they too can get a glimpse of our beautiful city!
    Good job my friend!!

    1. Thanks Judy! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it, and I hope they do too. The pictures were recently taken and unfortunately the weather is still a bit bland. I’ll look forward to getting some spring and summer shots to really showcase our city.

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