Downtown or Down town?

As a young child, I lived on the West Mountain. To go downtown, we drove down the mountain. I always believed that downtown meant that you physically travelled “DOWN” to get downtown…. I was surprised to discover that this is not necessary in other towns and cities.

The Niagara Escarpment (the “Mountain”) basically runs through the middle of the city of Hamilton. It’s truly a geographical masterpiece. The view of the side of the Mountain can be enjoyed by looking up from several neighbourhoods nestled at the bottom of the Escarpment. The view from the top can be seen from several look-out points along the brow of the Escarpment.

the brow seats 8 - Downtown or Down  town?

In the early years of settlement in Hamilton, the Escarpment proved to be an enormous obstacle in terms of travel. In order for the city to grow, transportation to the top of the Escarpment evolved. There are now several ways to travel up and down the mountain.

By car or bus, via one of the several accesses and cuts through the Escarpment:

  • Kenilworth Access
  • Sherman Access (pictured below)
  • Sherman Cut
  • Jolley Cut
  • Claremont Access
  • West 5th Access aka James Mountain Rd
  • Garth/Queen Street Access aka Beckett Drive

sherman cut - Downtown or Down  town?

sherman cut intersection - Downtown or Down  town?

As a pedestrian, via one of the city’s sets of stairs.

  • Chedoke
  • Dundurn
  • James
  • Wentworth
  • Kenilworth

stairs from brow - Downtown or Down  town?

If you are cycling around the city, don’t despair! Some of the stairs have bike troughs to enable you to make the trek up the steps and easily bring your bike with you. All of the city buses have accommodations for your bike also.

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4 thoughts on “Downtown or Down town?

  1. Hi Andrea. Don’t forget about the old incline railway. I understand that there was an old Chinese restaurant at the top of the brow once you got up there. There must be old photos of the Hamilton Incline Railway.

    1. Hi Auntie Gail. Thank you for the comment. I dedicated next blog entry to you! I happened to have taken the photo of the historical plaque when I was out and about the other day. I’ve checked a few of the books that I have here and on-line, but I wasn’t able to find out anything about the Chinese restaurant – too bad! Maybe someone else will know about the restaurant and comment too?

      You have so many great stories – I’m looking forward to more of your comments on my blog!

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