Bungalofts or Bungalows

Bungalofts or Bungalows

We are all familiar with the concept of a bungalow, a smaller single story home that has the appeal of having all of the conveniences on one level. Builders have started taking this single story bungalow and adding a loft to the top of the home, this way adding more square footage without removing any of the benefits of the original one floor bungalow.

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The bungalofts are only half a story above the rest of the home as opposed to a full two story home. These lofts are often used as living, entertaining or office space and may even contain bedrooms which could function as children’s or guest rooms.

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Bungalofts offer a smaller stair case than a regular two story home with a balcony view to the main level

The bungaloft has many advantages, making this an attractive option for seniors or those with mobility issues with all of the main living space being on one floor and the added benefits of additional rooms for guests. The staircase is generally shorter than a full two story home and offers a view of the main level.

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The Master Bedroom is located on the Main Level of Bungalofts

Bungalofts are wonderful for the family that needs a teenager retreat on a separate level, or the young family with the children having a place to call their own.

Bungalows and bungalofts often have a very open floor plan, creating bright and inviting spacious living quarters.

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Bungalows and bungalofts have a great resale value as they appeal to a large range of people.

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