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Welcome to my Corporate+Club!

These little cards were delivered to my office this week! I would love to gift one to you the next time we meet, if you would like one, please give me a call and we can connect!

Corporate+Club is an exclusive discount program offered to my clients, that gives you access to hundreds of discounts including movies, sporting events, family entertainment, spas, hotels, car rentals, paint, furniture, flower delivery, and so much more!

image - Corporate+Club Memberships

The Corporate+Club card gives you access to a program of tremendous value. It is not a gift card, or a credit card, or a loaded card, it is a membership card that allows you to save an unlimited amount of money for as long as your membership lasts.

There is no cost to you to register. Once you have a registered your Corporate+Club membership card, you will have unlimited free access to all the discounts available. Every deal can be used an unlimited amount of times for as long as your card is valid. Sign in to your account, find the deal you wish to take advantage of and click through for redemption information. You can visit the Memberships FAQ here.

Corporate+Club is also the perfect travelling companion, if you use the app on your phone, it will search your location by GPS and show you discounts in the area, allowing you to save money anywhere you go!

You will have full and free access to my Corporate+Club which normally costs $39.99 per year, and in which you can save hundreds of dollars. Make sure you DO NOT “Purchase a Membership” when you log onto to site, I have already done that for you!

Access all of the benefits available to you with this card one of two ways:


Click here: www.corporateplusclub.com and simply click the “Register” button on the top right and fill out your information. Carry your card in your wallet and enjoy all of the benefits of your new Corporate Plus Club!


You can also download the app for free to your smart phone, simply search “Corporate Plus Club” in your Apps Store.  Once you download the App to your smart phone, you can register your card.  Then you will have easy access to all of the discounts available to you and a map of retailers that participate in your area.

Once registered you can look around the site and see all of the amazing deals that are offered to you as one of my Corporate+Club Members.

You can register on your computer and still download the app to your smart phone, simply sign into your app and take advantage of the multiple offers available on the go!

I would like you to know that I appreciate your business and this is a small token of my appreciation.

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