Exploring Caledonia

Come and explore Caledonia with me, you just may find your new home here!

Caledonia is located along the Grand River in Haldimand County, with a population of approximately 9,764 according to the 2016 Census.

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The corner of Caithness and Argyle Street in Caledonia

The main intersection in Caledonia is Highway 6 and Haldimand Highway 54, which are respectively called Argyle Street and Caithness Street. If you were to drive along Highway 6, Caledonia is approximated 10 km south of Hamilton and 10 km north of Hagersville. If you were to drive on Halidmand Highway 54, you will find that Caledonia is approximately 15 km east of Brantford and 10 km west of Cayuga.

Around the main intersection, you will find old world charm and unique shops, one of a kind stores, a bakery and restaurants. This side of town calls for Saturday strolls with the family.

The local businesses are currently all decorated for the Christmas Season! Imagine walking this beautiful town with a cup of hot chocolate and light snowflakes falling down.

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This small town offers lots of activities and amenities for the local residents and visitors alike.

Further down Argyle Street, you will find a blend of old world charm and modern conveniences, the best of both worlds!

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One of the historical landmarks you will notice in this town is the Grand River Bridge, often referred to as the Caledonia Bridge, built in 1927. It is the only nine-span bridge in Canada, and is even considered the first reinforced concrete bridge of this type every built. Along side the bridge is a red brick home referred to as the “Toll House”. This home once served as a residence for the toll collector of the bridge. It is the third oldest building in Caledonia and is used as a private residence today.

Haldimand House is a historic building with a long history in the town, currently it houses a retail store featuring antiques, home and garden decor as well as many boutiques. Beside the Haldimand House, you will find the Oasis Drive-In restaurant. It opened in 1927 and just might be Ontario’s and even Canada’s oldest Drive-In restaurant. It is open seasonally from April to November. Definitely two stops you want to check out when you visit, or move to Caledonia.

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Over the bridge, you will find the conveniences of city living, while enjoying the comforts of the smaller town. There is nothing lacking in this Grand River Community.

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There are numerous schools located in Caledonia, Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School, McKinnon Park Secondary School and River Heights Public School pictured above to name a few. McKinnon Park School also has a daycare. Other schools in Caledonia are Caledonia Centennial Public School, Oneida Central Public School and St. Patrick’s School. If you are interested in a property in Caledonia, please inquire as to the catchment for your area.

Little Lending Libraries are such a cute addition to any neighbourhood, but this one at the corner of Braemar Avenue and Kinross Street, has local history etched upon it.

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Caledonia Medical Plex

McKinnon Park is a large park that once had several soccer fields in it. Today you will find a large twin-pad arena and library in this space. Across from McKinnon Park Secondary School, the park features playground equipment, a baseball diamond and a Community Centre. The park is named after Caledonia’s founder Ronald McKinnon.

Along Argyle Street, you will find the Grand Trunk Railway Station, a historical and cultural landmark. In 1908 the Grand Trunk Railway constructed a brand new station in the growing community of Caledonia. It was used until passenger service ended in 1957. It was given new life in September of 1996 when 12 dedicated volunteers began to renovate it. Today it is used for the Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce and a year-round Tourist Information Centre. You will also find local railway artifacts and historical displays.

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Caledonia’s Heritage Centre on Caithness Street

The Caledonia Agricultural Society hosts the Caledonia Fair every year. The fairgrounds are along the beautiful Grand River. Definitely an event worth attending. They also host various activities throughout the year. You can check out their website for current events.

One of the annual events is the Black Top Hop, Caledonia’s Annual Pre-Canada Day event. Every June 30th, celebrate the coming of Canada Day during this huge street party. Located in the public-parking lot behind Scotiabank and Canada Post. Local residents and visitors enjoy this yearly event!

Enjoy the annual Canada Day celebrations in Caledonia, beginning your day with a community breakfast by the Knights of Columbus and continue your day with a parade, inflatable rides, shopping and food. Stroll the fair grounds shopping for unique items, view the Cool and Classic Car Show and enjoy traditional festival-food along the way. Caledonia Canada Day also boasts a main stage full of the best local entertainment. Finish the day with the huge fireworks display takes place over the Caledonia Fairgrounds at dusk.

Caledonia’s Kinsmen Park is a beautiful park as you drive in to town along Highway 54 from Brantford. It contains a pavilion and gazebo with hydro for all of your picnic needs. It also contains washrooms, a playground, pool, splash pad and tennis courts. The view of the river and dam from the park are breath taking. It is also used by local fishermen.

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You will find a variety of homes in Caledonia, from century homes to new builds, in Caledonia there is truly something and somewhere for everyone!

Contact me today and let’s begin the search for your perfect home together!

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