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file4 e1558012930163 - B. Love Conscious EateryLocated at 29 King Street West, Dundas, B. Love Conscious Eatery is one of the many choices in Dundas for the conscious eater. B. Love offers nourishing raw and vegan food. You will always find Barbara, the owner and chef, warmly greeting you with a smile as you enter the eatery. Her extensive knowledge and expertise on nutrition and conscious eating is an asset to the town of Dundas.file3 e1558013197876 - B. Love Conscious Eatery

The mission of B. Love is to bring healthy, delicious food into your daily life. Barbara prepares it with love and primarily organic ingredients (and local when available).

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Preparation techniques at B. Love Conscious Eatery are a fusion of the raw food lifestyle and a bit of vegan cooking. Preparation may include sprouting, fermenting and dehydration at a temperature of 105 degrees or lower, to retain maximum nutrients and enzymes. Each item is made with love and with the conscious eater in mind.

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Stop in to B. Love Conscious Eatery on your next trip into Dundas, or even make the trip to Dundas specifically to visit this unique location. You can pick up fresh, nutritious, convenient small meals, treats and snacks, to enjoy in the eatery or to take home with you – or maybe even to take for a picnic in the Dundas Driving Park.

While you are there, say hi to Barbara and let her know you read about her eatery on our blog!

If you would like to learn more about the Town of Dundas, click here.

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